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  Everyvalve Ltd indicates some of the trends of the week with demands on its varied range of metal and plastics valves
and also new products that come available over a some time.

May 2023


Heavy Steam Solenoid Valves to 2” BSP


Everyvalve offers high pressure air and water solenioid valves up to 80 Bar operation and steam up to 12 bar.


This particularly heavy valve brass bodied valve with SS inner parts  is suitable for demanding applications and is readily available in all voltages with options for complying with ATEX zones.

Data Sheet


Ref : S15MCSA50-20

Heavy Steam Solenoid Valves

Tapped & Lugged Flg PN10/PN16 D.I Butterfly Valve
NBR Liner & Statinless Steel Disk

Everyvalve Ltd has a contract to supply valves for a landfill  gas project defining special requirements

for sizes up to 200mm from 80mm.


Most valves are to be manually operated and have the possibility to be automated subsequently.

Data Sheet


Ref : S18ML9914
Tapped & Lugged Butterfly Valve Ductile Iron


December 2022

 Three Way PP Ball Valve `L` or T Port - 80mm & 100mm  (3” & 4”)

Large Bores for redirecting flows in `L` or `T` Configuration. Manual is the standard operation.
Actuators and extension spindles by special request. Suitable for chemicals, water and special application up to 80C.

Ref : 10P60A
Large Three Way PP Ball Valve
D159 Bronze Gate Valve

The Crane D159 Bronze Gate Valve offers a dependable and long service life across a wide variety of applications by virtue of its design and material composition. PN32 Bronze Gate Valve.
Size 1/4" - 3"

Ref : 17M160


November 2022



 Eve Pour Taps

 ¾” BSP IN PP Orange or Black Now to test pressure of  7 Bar used
 In large aquatics systems for regulating flow control to and
from  tanks.  Ongoing use for last 26 years.

Ref : 11P100

Everyvalve Por Tap
2 Double check Valves
¾” BSP WRAS Approved in Brass rated to 10 Bar operating
pressure. For ensuring no flow back contamination of
water supplies, by two spring loaded check valves.
Data Sheet

Ref : 17MWRC
Brass Double Check Valve
3 Stainless Gate Valves

ANSI 150 Manual Operation for Petro Chem Usage and fuel
storage usage where reliability in difficult dangerous
 environment is essential with Certified supply.

Ref : S16MD150GAVCS
Stainless Steel A351 Gate Valve
4 Solenoid Valves

¾” Brass rated up to 12 Bar for water. Used for Solar heating applications in household systems generating warmth in the
hose and hot water systems.

Ref : 15ML18
Solenoid Valve


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