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Plastic Drum Taps And Pourers & Hose Taps For OEMs - Drum - Tanks - IBC - Misc. Needs
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***Spring Self Close Pour Tap*** New ***Eve PP Pour Taps***

2022 Version Now *Available*Drum Tap Self Close Spring

Eve Bib Pour Tap

EPDM Seals & Thread Gasket. This co-Polymer Polypropylene Black Or Orange Version angled pour tap is ideal for OEM equipment in dispensing chemicals or water as necessary. Hose outlet is suitable for hose connection. 1/2" version if 62% of the flow of 3/4" X 20MM type. Pressure is recommended for 4 bars or less & max 90 C.SS Fixing screw.
All Taps Are Tested on Seat & Seal Before Dispatch

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Ref BSPM Hose Material Seal F/Length Wt L/Min Price Ref Colour BSPm Outlet 45 Deg Bore Long Thread
11PP07 3/4" 20mm PP Epdm 97MM 40G 6.50 £11.35 11P1009 Black 3/8" 13mm Hose 10mm 84mm 12mm £7.70
11PN07V 3/4" 20mm Nylon Viton 97mm 50g 6.50 £12.25 11P1001A Orange 1/2" 13mm Hose 11mm 84mm 14mm £7.70
3/4" BSPm Spring Auto Self Close Pour Tap suitable for Water Tanks, Bowsers, Chemical Drums and OEM use. Simple  pour  down  design  from horizontal fixing with Push Mushroom Hand Knob operation on end. These faucets are a unique design.
Back pressure on outlet not possible if Tap is in close position.
All Taps Are Tested on Seat & Seal Before Dispatch
11P1001AB Black 1/2" 13mm Hose 11mm 84mm 14mm £7.70
11P1001B Orange 3/4" 13mm Hose 11mm 84mm 14mm £7.70
11P1001BB Black 3/4" 13mm Hose 11mm 84mm 14mm £7.70
11P1001BBL Black 3/4" 13mm Hose 11mm 84mm 20mm* £8.00
11P1001C Orange 3/4" 20mm Hose 15mm 84mm 14mm £9.65
Please Note Test Was Made At 4 Bar 11P1001CB Black 3/4" 20mm Hose 15mm 84mm 14mm £9.65
Weight of each 51g approx.
Data Sheet | Operations Manual  |  Spring Tap Image Data Sheet
Hose Stopcocks PP Hose Taps (Reduced Bore)

2 Way Hose Stopcock

2 Way PVC Hose Valve with PP Barbs 

BSPM X Hosetail

Hose Tap

2 Way Hose

2 Way Hose Valve

2 Way (1/4"BSP x Hose)

2 Way Hose & Threaded Taps

Small plug cocks suitable for water in engineering plastics. Designed for low pressures.(up to 1 Bar) Max Temps: PE to 40°C PP to 60°C. Data Sheet. Jan/2022 -11P2111* - 32MM Hose Stock Cock New Design The light horticultural taps in PP / Acetal resin are for low pressure water applications where threads and hoses need to be joined. 90 deg. thumb grip/Butterfly operation. Thick liquids not to be used. Nitrile seal.

Two WayStopcocks


Hose Size Fit Bore(mm) Mat Colour Weight


11P2102 6mm 4 PP Black 9gms £1.90
11P2103 10mm 8 PP Black 9gms £2.05
11P2105 13mm 10 PP Black 14gms £2.35
11P2107 20mm 15 PP Black  12gms £3.15 Ref End Connection Price
11P2110 25mm 18 PP Black  20gms £4.40 11P1107 13mm x 13mm Green Knob £1.50
11P2111* 32mm 18 PP Black  28gms £5.50 11P1107b 19mm x 19mm Green Knob £1.50
PVC Hose Valves With PP Barb Ends 11P1112 1/2"BSPf x 13mm Hose £1.65
11P2111A 32mm 26 PVC/PP Grey/Black  211gms £9.30 11P1205 1/2"BSPm x 13mm Hose £1.55
11P2111B 38mm 33 PVC/PP Grey/Black  434gms £17.55 11P1206 3/4"BSPm x 13mmHose £1.65
11P2111C 50mm 41 PVC/PP Grey/Black  841gms £23.50 11P1305 1/2"BSPm x 1/2"BSPm £1.65
11P2110A 1/4bspmx10mm 10mm POM Black  5gms £3.50 11P1306 3/4"BSPm x 3/4"BSPm £1.75

Three Way Hose Taps



Bore(mm) Mat




 3 Way Hose Taps

3 Way Hose Stopcock



4x4x4 PE Black 8gms £4.50


8x8x8 PE Black 10gms £4.70


10x10x10 PE Black 16gms £4.80


15x15x15 PE Black  40gms £5.90


18x18x18 PE Black  74gms £7.35


FLO-RITE Drum Faucet  3/4" BSP Male

FLO-King 2" Drum Faucet

Flo-Rite Drum Faucet

Flo-King Drum Faucet

Ref :11P2507  £ 2.35 each Ref:11P2520 £24.60 each
Overall Length = 92mm
This taper threaded tap for drum openings is for non pressure uses. Made of GOLD COLOUR P.E.  has no seals. Operates on a 90° turn by thumb grip. Treacles or acids not to be used. There is no flange at foot  of 3/4" male thread 10mm long. Wt.=36g

Overall Length= 156mm Wt= 290g
Large tap for 2" drum female threaded outlets where quick emptying is required. Made of Gold coloured Polyethylene with no internal seals. Turns 'ON' or 'OFF' 90° with a hand bar. A small flange and gasket is at the foot of 15mm fixing thread length.

PP CONNECTORS And Vents For Tanks (IBC)

Trisure / Mauser Adaptor

Ref : 11P205 Weight : 
100 Grams
Trisure-Male x 2"BSP Female £6.35 Material :PP Glass reinforced Black Seal : Santoprene
Ref: 11P204 Weight :
50 Grams
Mauser-Male x 2"BSP Female £6.35 Material :PP Glass reinforced BlackSeal : Santoprene
IBC Adaptor

(Din Adaptors 6131 are Female x Female) (Overall Length = 53mm &
96 Gms Weight)
See Technical Page 0 for more details.

Anti. Vacuum / Pressure Vent 2"

Made Of Black PP & Good For Fitting To Tops Of IBC's Or
Other Tanks For Relieving Pressure Or Vacuum
Through Put Surface Area For Air 207mm

See Page 32 For PP Bulkhead Connectors

Ref : 11P206 Weight :
93 Grams 
S60  F Thread X 2" BSPF Thread
( IBC fitting )
£9.90 Ref : 11P207  Weight :
110 Grams
2" BSPM Thread Anti. / Pressure Vent £18.70
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